First15 in Print: 3 Volume Set- Foundations, Heart, and Spirit

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  • Foundations will help you set the building blocks for your time alone with God, experience the fruits that come from a relationship with God, and center your life around meeting with God.

  • Heart will help you know how to voice a deeper “yes” to God’s pursuit, how to live more honestly, how being fully known allows us to be fully loved, and how living from the heart can transform others around us.

  • Spirit will help you learn how to honestly hear the voice of the Spirit in your life, how to access and rest in a more tangible sense of God’s presence, and how to invite the Spirit to produce more fruit in your life, for his glory and your good.

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Due to popular demand, we’re offering the full, three-volume set of First15 in Print for a limited time as a thank you for your donation of $60 or more to the ministry. Supplies are limited, so act quickly to order yours today.


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