First15 in Print: 12 Volume Boxed Set

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Get a year’s worth of moments with God!

With all the emotional and spiritual challenges of our time, one thing is clear — true peace is only found in the midst of God’s presence.

Yet finding that quiet space to be alone with God and receive his abounding love is not always easy.

That’s why we created a special edition boxed set of twelve printed devotionals that you can get with your gift below… one for each month of the coming year.

This beautiful set, containing a year’s worth of devotional moments with God, arrives enclosed in an elegant wood crafted box, making it the perfect gift for anyone seeking more intimacy with Christ.

So whether you get this special edition devotional set as a gift for yourself or for someone you love, this is an incredible way to ground the new year on the firm foundation of God’s truth.

Get your special edition devotional set with your gift below for yourself or someone you love today!

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