How to Bless God by Blessing Others

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When the world seeks to silence Christians, how should we react?

Increasingly, our secular culture is branding Christians as outdated, intolerant, oppressive, and even dangerous.

The culture-at-large preaches tolerance for all—but appears all too ready to silence Christian voices.

So how should we respond?

In Denison Forum’s new book, How to Bless God by Blessing Others, Dr. Ryan Denison looks at how the early church responded to their culture—which was arguably much more antagonistic to the Christian faith.

Ryan Denison holds his PhD in church history and offers insight into the past that will help us live faithfully as Christians today.

As he writes in the introduction: “We are hardly the first generation of believers to face the prospect of living out our faith and advancing God’s kingdom in the midst of a culture that has no interest in helping us do either. Our faith began and experienced some of its greatest periods of growth under similar circumstances.”

Request your copy below of How to Bless God by Blessing Others: Words of Wisdom from the Early Church to Christians Today.

Dr. Denison’s words will enlighten you and encourage you, and our team prays that its words will awaken many to our great need to serve God best by ensuring our culture is blessed—no matter how we’re treated.

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About the Author:

Jim Denison, PhD, is a cultural theologian and the founder and CEO of Denison Ministries, which is transforming 6.8 million lives through meaningful digital content.

He is the author of over 30 books, including:


He has taught the philosophy of religion and apologetics at several seminaries.

Dr. Denison serves as Resident Scholar for Ethics with Baylor Scott & White Health, where he addresses issues such as genetic medicine and reproductive science.

He is a Senior Fellow with:

  • CEO Forum
  • 21st Century Wilberforce Initiative
  • International Alliance of Christian Education
  • Dallas Baptist University’s Institute for Global Engagement


He holds a Doctor of Philosophy and a Master of Divinity degree from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. He also received an honorary Doctor of Divinity from Dallas Baptist University. Dr. Denison is the Theologian in Residence for the Baptist General Convention of Texas. Prior to launching Denison Forum in 2009, he pastored churches in Texas and Georgia.

Jim and his wife, Janet, live in Dallas, Texas. They have two married sons and four grandchildren.


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