Scripture Affirmation Cards

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Want to encourage your kids?

It’s amazing how early negative self-talk starts in our kids. Just like us, they have a tendency to be filled with fears and anxieties with thoughts like:

  • What if I don’t make the team?
  • What if things don’t go as planned?
  • What if I feel lonely?
  • What if I feel worried?

That’s why our partner ministry, Christian Parenting, created brand new Scripture Affirmation Cards designed to combat that “what if” habit and instill confidence and an unshakeable faith in our kids!  

Each card has a unique Biblical truth and affirmation that is rooted in scripture and gives your kids a powerful tool to affirm their identity in Christ, align their thoughts with God’s Word, and give them the confidence they need to face any of the problems or insecurities they face.

They’re perfectly sized so your kids can bring them wherever they go and be reminded that they are loved by you and by God! 

Place a card in their lunchbox, in their backpack or school folder, on their dresser to see while they get ready in the morning, and remind them whose image they are made in!

With your donation of $13 or more, you will be sent 25 cards that are rooted in scripture.

Note: We cannot ship outside the United States.

*For orders of 25 or more copies, please email [email protected].

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