The Greater Work

Answers to your questions about prayer

Prayer and time alone with God revolutionized my life, which is why I started First15. My deepest desire is that you would encounter God and experience his powerful love and endless grace.

My dad’s book, The Greater Work: How Prayer Positions You to Receive All that Grace Intends to Give, offers biblical answers to why we pray, how we should pray, and what we should pray for.

My dad, Jim Denison, is a scholar and pastor. He holds his PhD in Philosophy, has authored over 30 books, and has a photographic memory. He starts each morning with a walk so he can spend time in prayer. Then he goes back to his study to hear from God by reading the bible.

This compilation of my dad’s many years worth of writing and teaching on prayer helps answer some of the biggest roadblocks in cultivating a daily prayer life:


  • Why pray if God already knows what you’re going to ask?
  • Why pray if God already knows what he’s going to do?
  • Why pray if God seems silent?


If these questions resonate with you, make sure to request your copy of The Greater Work today. My hope is that you’ll not only learn more about prayer, but that you will also lean into a fresh experience of your relationship with God.

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