28 Day Catalyst

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Need to reignite your passion for God?

We’ve all been there—at that place in life where we’re left wondering, “Where did the spark go? What happened to the passion I once had for God?”

Perhaps this describes where you are today, or where someone you know is. If so, we want to send you a copy of one of the first books Craig Denison wrote.

It’s called 28 Day Catalyst: When You Want to Start the Day Strong, and it’s our gift to thank you for your donation this month.

As you read each of the 28 devotionals in Catalyst, you’ll discover one practical truth that will strengthen your ability to seek God and reignite your passion for him.

So please request your copy of Catalyst when you give below—and know how grateful we are for your donation to extend the reach of First15 so others like Natalie from Nashville can discover a fresh passion for God too. 

She recently shared,

“I listen to Craig and Rachel and Josh every day, cherishing and loving the focus they inspire in me and the hope they impart that today is a blessed day and a gift. I have been through lots of dark times with these three beautiful, inspiring, giving voices….

“You’ve changed my life and in doing so, changed the lives of my family for the better.”

Every dollar you give reaches one new First15 reader like Natalie, so thank you for your donation below.

We appreciate your partnership so that more lives like hers can be changed!

NOTE: We are unable to ship outside of the United States. 

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