My Time With God

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First15 and our partner ministry Christian Parenting surveyed our readers about the need for devotional material for children, and the response was incredible! More people responded to that survey than any survey we’ve ever conducted.

The results were clear: kids love to connect with God and devotional materials are a must! 

That’s why we created our very first devotional for kids: My Time With God!

This 20-day devotional helps kids lay a foundation for connecting with the God who loves them.

My Time With God is based on First15: Foundations which is intended to help believers break down barriers to spending time alone with God and experiencing God’s presence.

Each day of My Time With God includes:

  • Daily scripture
  • A devotional to help kids understand what time with God is all about
  • An activity to help them practice what they learned in the devotional more deeply
  • And a prayer to help them learn how to pray and to thank the Lord for all they’ve learned


We are so excited about offering you the tools to help you teach your children how to connect more deeply with Jesus through this stunning book! 

This is a fun and insightful way for kids to start their school year connecting with the Lord each and every morning, and we are so excited to help your children do the same!

My Time With God is our gift to thank you for your donation of $21 or more, so please request your copy when you give below to help more people discover God in fresh ways through First15 content.

We pray that God uses this resource to grow the faiths of many children, and may he bless the kids in your life as they connect with him through My Time With God!

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