God’s Holy Spirit in Me

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A Journey of Faith and Fun for Your Child!

In the heart of every child lies a world of wonder, curiosity, and an innate desire to understand the mysteries that surround us. The Holy Spirit is one of those mysteries, especially to the young, inquiring minds of kids!

That’s why Lisa Clark and the team here at First15 have crafted God’s Holy Spirit in Me, a 20-day devotional and art journal tailored specifically for children ages 6-12. 

Whether your little artist likes to draw, color, or do dot-to-dots or word searches, God’s Holy Spirit in Me has three super fun ways to help your children or grandchildren understand more about the Holy Spirit and his role in their lives:

  1. A scripture for the day and a short, accessible devotional that will teach you about God’s Holy Spirit, yourself, and the Bible.
  2. A special prayer to help kids spend time talking and listening to God, leading them towards peace, confidence, and a dependence on his truth.
  3. A fun, interactive activity to help kids apply the truth they’ve learned.


God’s Holy Spirit in Me is our gift to thank you for your donation of $21 or more. 

When you order this devotional below, you won’t just help your kids grow in their faith — you’ll help more people around the world connect with God daily through free First15 devotionals.

P.S. You and your kids can grow in your understanding of the Holy Spirit together. For your donation of $35 or more, we’ll send you God’s Holy Spirit in Me plus our devotional book about the Holy Spirit for adults called First15 in Print: Spirit. Click here to get your bundle!

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