First15 in Print: Spirit

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Unlock the role of the Holy Spirit in your life

Have you ever wondered what it means to hear God’s voice? 

Have you ever contemplated, even for a moment, what life could be like if you walked more closely with the Spirit? 

Have you ever wished you could discern what was God and what was not from everything you’ve seen and heard about the Spirit from others? 

With this issue of First15 in Print, we’re going to take time every day to invite the Holy Spirit to guide us into a deeper, more abiding connection with him.

With Spirit you’ll discover:

  • How to honestly hear the voice of the Spirit in your life

  • How to access and rest in a more tangible sense of God’s presence

  • How to invite the Spirit to produce more fruit in your life, for his glory and your good

We have been given a gift, God himself in us, with us. We simply need to know how to open it, receive it, and use it. 

P.S. You and your kids can grow in your understanding of the Holy Spirit together. For your donation of $35 or more, we’ll send you First15 in Print: Spirit plus our kids devotional book about the Holy Spirit called God’s Holy Spirit in Me. Click here to get your bundle!

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